New Managing Director for Rehab JobFit

Welfare to Work prime contractor Rehab JobFit has attracted a leading figure to fill a new role. Chris Peel has joined the organisation as Rehab JobFit Managing Director after spending the last eight years designing and delivering a number of outsourced, front line public services to hard to reach customers.

Chris will report to Rehab JobFit’s Board of Directors driving the growth strategy and operations of the joint venture between Interserve and the Rehab Group.

He said: “I am looking forward to being able to shape and design how front line services are delivered with maximum impact on our customers’ lives.

“My experience within the sector has fused my passion to help people overcome the barriers they face to greater prosperity and realise their ambitions whilst at the same time reducing state dependency. I was attracted to this opportunity because

Rehab JobFit does just that by helping people achieve sustainable employment. “My new role as Managing Director provides a unique opportunity to combine the strong social values and front line expertise of the Rehab Group with the successful track record and core competencies of Interserve in delivering a range of services on scale. Collectively, this creates a very unique opportunity. “My goal is to continue to drive the success of this joint venture and deliver a service that is integral to so many disadvantaged communities.”

Andrew Conlan-Trant, Rehab JobFit Board Director, said: “Chris’s appointment as Managing Director comes at a pivotal time for Rehab JobFit as we progress through our second year. We see this time as a real opportunity to embed a key and respected industry figure head as the driving force behind the organisation’s continued growth.

“Chris’s experience within welfare to work is vast, through his eight year journey within the sector he has worked in a variety of service areas that were aimed at overcoming barriers and delivering sustainability, this made him a natural choice.”