JobFit launches Partnership Plus

JobFit has launched Partnership Plus, an enhanced framework for supply chain management.

On 23 September 2013, the management team from JobFit hosted the first in a series of launch events for a new supply chain framework, appropriately named, Partnership Plus. The event was held just outside Wrexham with delegates attending from every provider within the North Wales region, representation from Jobcentre Plus and staff from JobFit and its parent organisations.

Kelly Murrey, business improvement manager for JobFit welcomed everyone to the launch and provided feedback on the recent supply chain survey which had produced very favourable results across the board; reaffirming that providers not only believe that JobFit is a good partner and a professional organisation, but that it listens to its providers as it strives to continuously improve its service delivery and offer excellent levels of support.

Chris Peel, managing director of JobFit gave a presentation about JobFit as an organisation, the journey it has made in the last two and a half years and the significant progress that has been made; particularly in the last year, as JobFit continues to work hard to become one of the highest achieving prime contractors in the welfare to work industry, whilst opening opportunities into other sectors in the future.

Supply Chain Charter:
Is a concise document which lays out what providers can expect from JobFit and what JobFit expects of them in return.

Supply Chain Methodology:
Includes; the values and behaviours that JobFit expects of the supply chain throughout the contract lifecycle, the performance management framework and other key support information.

Operational Methodology:
Will be rolled out shortly after the launch and training given direct at provider sites towards the end of this year.

Designed for both prime contractor and the provider to support the methodology. These are designed to ensure consistency and offer clear guidance on how to improve performance from both perspectives.

All attendees had an opportunity to take part in a workshop of their choice. There were several interesting subjects which addressed some of the key challenges in the delivery of Work Programme and Mandatory Work Activity contracts.

‘Enhancing your delivery model’ a workshop led by Elica Pendleton, supply chain manager and Clare Birch, best practice manager was an extremely popular workshop as it focused on support for the hardest to help customer groups. This produced lively discussions and some good ideas and challenges for JobFit to take away. The other groups also had high levels of activity and there was much interaction and debate.