The governments wage incentive scheme triumphs again for another work programme customer

A 22 year old man from Ammanford Wales, has firmly planted his feet on the career ladder with the support of a Carmarthenshire based training provider and the governments pioneering wage incentive scheme.

In October 2012 Ethan Spittle was referred to Trac Training a delivery partner of Work Programme prime contractor Rehab JobFit; having been claiming Job Seekers Allowance since 2011. As sole carer for his mother who suffers from a chronic and debilitating illness, Ethan struggled to find work that would fit around his personal commitments and tried to apply for a carer’s allowance. Ethan was unsuccessful in his application and was transferred onto the Work Programme.

Prior to joining the Work Programme Ethan had trained to be a chef and had worked in a number of establishments in the South of England as a junior chef. Having relocated to West Wales he had decided to further his education in I.T. but found it hard to keep up with his studies as his Mother’s health deteriorated.

Ethan said: “When I started on the Work Programme and came to Trac Training I was a little unsure of how I would be able to work and care for my mother at the same time.

“My advisor was really sympathetic to my circumstances and identified a job opportunity at Bella Direct, which offered the flexibility that allowed me to meet my responsibilities at home.”

Bella’s Direct is a small mail order company run by proprietor Jean Turton. Over the last few years Jean’s small home business has steadily expanded, in April 2013 she relocated the business to a larger unit in Ammanford town centre. In the move to the new larger unit, Jean was in need of help with her growing order book of business.

Nick Pearce, Employment Engagement Officer, at Trac Training – Antur Teifi said: “Part of my role at Trac Training involves regular engagement with local businesses to inform them of our ‘free recruitment service’. While speaking to Jean she mentioned that she had been considering taking on an assistant to help her with the growing business she was receiving.

“I had the perfect candidate and it was… Ethan. Jean was looking for a candidate that would be able to work an early shift from 6.30am to 2.30pm.

“As Jean is a small business owner I also spoke to her about the governments Wage Incentive scheme. I think the information about the scheme seemed to be the catalyst for her to take the plunge.”

The Wage Incentive Scheme introduced in April 2012 provides financial help to employers to reduce the cost of employing young people in either a full-time or part-time position. The incentive scheme aims to encourage employers to give young jobless people aged 18 – 24 a chance in a weak job market. This is at a time when they might be overlooked because of a lack of skills or experience and the scheme can therefore help reduce the scarring that young people face as a result of a recession.

Nick said, the decision to take on Ethan came immediately after his interview and both parties remain delighted with the outcome.

Ethan said: “Apart from now been able to earn my own living, I feel like I have now got a real sense of purpose without it negatively impacting on caring for my mom, the early finish at Bella Direct mean that I can be there for my mum in the afternoon. My mother is really pleased that I have found work she even recently commented that she ‘had her old Ethan back.’

“I really hope to progress as the company continues to expand and flourish.”

Jean Turton proprietor of Bella Direct said: “I am convinced that I have made the right decision in taking Ethan on. He has really helped with his IT skills and knowledge; he has picked up his other duties really quickly.”

Trac Training is continuing to monitor and support both Ethan and the company.