From doom and gloom to a new life full of confidence

Susan internalSusan came to the Work Programme as a very nervous and anxious customer, who suffered from depression, stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

She rarely socialised with others and struggled to leave her home. Sadly, Susan’s partner died in 2014 and she was still grieving, but long-term she wanted to return to work in the care sector. After speaking with The employment Liaison Officer at PTS, one of Rehab JobFit’s delivery partners, Susan wanted to be put forward for a care sector training course as this would help her become more marketable to the care sector, and in between she was attending the centre three times a week to work through the online KWANGO courses.

After initially panicking and thinking she would not be able to cope, with support she quickly made friends which calmed her and put her at ease.

Throughout the course her confidence grew. Now the course has ended Susan is a changed person – full of life and confidence, and is really looking forward in returning to work, even commenting: “Do you remember what I was like on my first day on the programme and what a change I have made?”

Susan feels that the course has really helped her progress with her health and given her a positive attitude towards life.

Susan continues to make progress and following on from the care course and online training, Susan has secured employment with St Vincent’s and St Georges Care.

“I hadn’t worked since 2013 and was on ESA because of my anxiety and depression – I’d lost all confidence in myself, I didn’t want to leave my house and everything was doom and gloom. PTS has played a huge part in my development and achievements. Thank you PTS!”