Excellent result for Rehab JobFit


Rehab JobFit recently received their 3rd DWP Merlin assessment and are delighted to announce their achieved score of 90%, grading them “Excellent” overall.

Their scores across the 4 Principles were as follows:
· Supply Chain Design 100% – Excellent
· Commitment 97% – Excellent
· Conduct 90% – Excellent
· Review 73% – Good

With only a few other Prime Contractors still to have their reports published, Rehab JobFit currently have the joint 4th highest score in the market and have demonstrated the largest movement in their overall score for a single organisation.

Rehab JobFit were especially praised for:

• The excellent Supply Chain Design, including the way Supply Chain Partners were chosen and the approaches that Rehab JobFit have taken to promote innovation, contribute to research and develop new ideas alongside creating new solutions to meet customers’ needs.
• The fact that Rehab JobFit collaborate very well with their Supply Chain Partners. This collaboration being underpinned by strong, clear and concise communication, which has been built upon since the last review in 2014, with the introduction for example of Chief Executive forums.
• The comprehensive development of all Supply Chain Partners, in particular how Rehab JobFit encourages partners to interact, develop capacity amongst the network and supports partners to use additional funding to support the delivery of innovative activity
• The very wide range of supportive approaches that Rehab JobFit deploy to enable Supply Chain Partners to actively respond to the varied needs of the client/customer groups

The report also identified areas for improvement that will now be incorporated into their continuous improvement plan over 2016/17.

Rehab JobFit would like to thank all of their Supply Chain Partners and staff for their contributions to this assessment; the results are a great reflection of productive and supportive working relationships evident across a collective delivery.

Executive Director Jennifer Jarvis said “I’d like to say well done to everybody and thank them all for their involvement, especially those who gave up their time to share their views with the Assessment Team and for providing facilities for the team members; your contribution was much appreciated”.