About Us

Established in 2011, Rehab JobFit is a unique, Third‐Sector led partnership between the Rehab Group and Interserve Plc that was set up to deliver employability, training and support services.

Working in collaboration with a broad and diverse supply chain, Rehab JobFit was founded on a mission to remove the barriers our customers face to a more prosperous life; developing their abilities; and to deliver sustainability through long-lasting social outcomes.

Key to the success of the partnership is the ability to combine the respective strengths and experiences of both parent organisations:

  • Supported by strong, clear values for its customers, The Rehab Group bring to Rehab JobFit extensive experience and know how in delivering training, employment, health and social care services to marginalised and often excluded groups in society.
  • As a major UK employer and one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies, Interserve bring to Rehab JobFit strong business acumen, scale & supply chain management expertise.

Founding Principles

The partnership was founded on some clear guiding principles. Through our current portfolio of contracts under the Work Programme, Mandatory Work Activity and Community Work Placements, we are committed to the continuous development of our organisation, ensuring we can:

  • Successfully bring together the values, strengths and experiences of both the Third and Private Sectors
  • Offer an alternative to traditional Prime Contracting models that historically have been heavily reliant upon self‐delivery
  • Create an operating environment where a broad and diverse Supply Chain can be successful and sustainable
  • To bring together partner organisations that can truly make a major difference to our service users (customers), delivering long lasting, positive social outcomes
  • To help build capacity in our partners, investing directly in their capabilities and in facilitating access to additional provision and resources aimed at supporting the hardest to help

Our Values

In pursuit of our mission, we have established a clear set of core values in which everything we do is underpinned by. These values are:

  • Professional in everything we do, aiming to exceed expectations
  • Accountable, taking pride in ownership
  • Collaborative, creating success through partnership
  • Customer focused, putting their needs first
  • Excellence, driving for continuous improvement in our quality assurance and performance

Our Strengths

Our models of delivery have been designed to maximise the positive impact we have on our service users; to create a long-lasting, sustainable model geared towards a payment-by-results environment; and raising the quality standards within our sector. To that end, the core strengths we have developed focus on:

  • Creating an environment where charities, specialist organisations and SMEs can thrive, compete and co‐exist in a reforming market place
  • Defining and driving best practice across our Supply Chain
  • Putting the long term interests of our customers first and investing in effective services and interventions for those facing complex barriers into sustainable employment, such as battling health conditions, learning disabilities and addiction
  • Embedding standard operating systems and processes across our Supply Chain, freeing up our partners to focus on the customer
  • Creating delivery capacity through our Innovation and Specialist Funds