Recruitment costs too high? Finding the right candidate too time consuming?

Rehab JobFit can save you time and money, whilst making sure you get the right people at the heart of your business.

Rehab JobFit is inviting employers across Wales and South West England to get involved with the Work Programme by offering work experience placements or job opportunities to Rehab JobFit customers.

Today, more than ever, organisations want to recruit the right person, first time. Not just the right candidate on paper, but the right fit for their organisation. At Rehab JobFit we have extensive expertise in working with small to medium enterprises, understanding the recruitment needs of our clients and providing skilled, motivated staff to fill a huge range of vacancies across multiple industries.

JobFit provides a truly unique recruitment service, at absolutely no cost to you. We’re dedicated to providing only best fit candidates to suit your defined requirements and business need. We can also provide a free service of on-going in work support to both employee and employer.

Rehab JobFit’s cost-free recruitment service includes;

  • Full independent candidate assessment and security checks – a hassle free pre-selection process;
  • Candidate training and qualifications – helping people to develop the skills needed to meet your requirements;
  • Working interviews – to assess the job suitability for both employer and candidate; and
  • In work support and on-going employment advice for both employee and employer – facilitating lasting, sustainable employment.

Additionally, through working with Rehab JobFit employers are able to contribute to their corporate social responsibility programme; giving back to the communities they serve by helping people gain experience and return to work.

Work Placements

Along with our recruitment and support services, Rehab JobFit would also like to work with employers who are able to help unemployed people develop their skills and gain valuable on-the-job experience through work placements.

Work placements are a significant part of the Work Programme as the experiences individuals gain during their placement enhances their skills and understanding, helping to bring theory to life, crystallising their job aspirations and bringing them closer to employment.

Work placement candidates remain on benefits whilst on placement and are supported by Rehab JobFit; placements are at no cost to the employer, except the time invested in managing the temporary worker.

Vacancy? We might have the perfect fit for you!

If you would like to discuss a vacancy you have, or offer work placement opportunities at your organisation, contact us using our online enquiry form.