Looking for work?

With over 60 years’ experience in helping people get back to work, JobFit understands the many barriers people come up against when looking for a job. It can be a real challenge knowing where to look, how to apply and how to make an application stand out.

The Work Programme offers free employability training, work placements with local employers and tailored support and guidance to aid people in looking for and applying for jobs.

JobFit’s network of delivery partners delivers high-quality, personalised services to enable individuals to gain sustainable employment. This means providing ongoing in-work support and reviews to overcome any issues or barriers the individual may have while in employment.

JobFit is committed to:

  • Removing barriers – professional services, tailored to each individual’s needs, which support participants to overcome any personal problems or issues preventing them from working.
  • Championing ability – we know that raising skills levels through formal training brings social as well as economic benefits. JobFit helps people recognise their skills and abilities, build on them and apply them to the labour market.
  • Delivering sustainability – JobFit’s focus is on achieving long-term employment outcomes.

JobFit participation is via Jobcentre Plus referral.