Work Programme

The Work Programme, introduced in 2011, is a radical transformation in the way that the Department for Work and Pensions delivers welfare-to-work services across the UK. It replaced several existing welfare-to- work programmes with a single comprehensive programme designed to deliver more consistent support for job seekers through a simplified and streamlined process.

The Work Programme in summary:

  • Replaced many previous programmes for unemployed people including New Deal, Pathways to Work and Employment Zones.
  • Is a single programme for customers regardless of the benefit they claim.
  • Focuses on providing skills and support to sustain work opportunities for customers.
  • Payments to contractors are based largely on results.
  • Is a regionally focussed prime contractor model, with top-tier providers managing subcontractors and supply chains.
  • Providers are incentivised through individualised pricing to work with customers who are furthest from the labour market.

Community Work Placements

Community Work Placements (CWP) is aimed at those claimants whose primary barrier to work is a lack of work experience or motivation, and who may have spent a great deal of time away from a structured work environment. CWP aims to equip jobseekers with a valuable period of experience in a work-based environment, enabling them to develop the disciplines and skills associated with sustained employment, as well as to move them into employment.
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Mandatory Work Activity

Mandatory Work Activity is about offering some customers further support and encouraging them to do more to look for work.

The support that Jobcentre Plus delivers to customers across all working age benefits changed from April 2011. This change gives more flexibility to Jobcentre Plus managers and advisers to judge which interventions will help individual customers most cost effectively, choosing from a menu of support to help customers according to their individual needs, rather than focussing on process. Included in this menu of support is Mandatory Work Activity.

Mandatory Work Activity was introduced in April 2011 to address the barriers to obtaining and retaining work demonstrated by this group. The aim is to help customers discover for themselves the expectations of work including: attending on time and every day, following instructions and working in teams.

Rehab JobFit’s aim is to provide customers with a work placement that will give them relevant work skills, help establish a work routine and familiarise them with working practices and employer expectations. The Mandatory Work Activity programme aims to enhance the long-term employment prospects of those referred by providing a high quality work placement.